Secrets of Your Cells

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Sondra Barrett, PhD
Sondra Barrett, PhD

About the instructor

Sondra Barrett, PhD, author of Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body's Inner Intelligence (Sounds True), now in 8 languages, brings together a useful understanding of cellular wisdom for empowering positive changes in everyday life. Dr. Barrett, former faculty at University of California Medical School (UCSF) and California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), is a pioneer teaching psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), bodymind health integrating science and spirituality with practical applications for every day life. With a PhD in biochemistry (U. Illinois Medical School) and post-doctoral training in immunology-hematology (UCSF), Dr. Barrett interprets medical science into practical and easily accessible information for all learners.  Sondra is also a lifelong student of Qigong, shamanism, expressive arts and using the senses to access inner wisdom and well-being.

Her goal is to help you gain a deeper state of wellbeing through growing your knowledge, skills and wisdom.. Her programs include compelling visuals and photomicrography, to inform, inspire, and transform how you see and experience life. She makes science fun, practical and easy to learn. 


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Secrets of Your Cells brings together cell biology, mindbody medicine with practical soulutions. With inspiring information, illuminating photographs and interactive practices, you are guided to discover how to intentionally connect with your cells and deepen your wisdom. Where science and spirituality come together we explore the powerful and practical story of our hidden cellular intelligence. 

This six-lesson program begins Tuesday May 1 at 5 pm PDT (check your time zone)and provides meaningful knowledge and skills to enhance your experience of health, vitality and your own inner wisdom and inherent sacred nature. Each live session will be one hour. Plus supplemental learning materials will also be available as the course evolves. We will also meet live on Zoom Saturday May 12 at 10 am PDT, this makes it possible for our European students to join us live for discussion and questions.  


  • Grow in knowledge, wisdom and skills using sound, shamanic practices and imagination
  • Communicate with your cells for healing and self-care
  • Feel more focused
  • Develop a new relationship with your body and fall in love from the inside out
  • Connect to yourself more deeply
  • Experience greater insight, self-knowledge and presence
  • Feel awe and appreciation for the miracle that is life
  • Align bodymind and soul with sound, music, and heart
  • Know how to better manage stress and challenges
  • Be able to contribute what you learn to others

Who is this for?

Health professionals, school teachers, as well as people interested in healing, those curious about the intersection of science and spirituality, or challenged by a chronic illness. No science background is necessary.

What's included:

6 live lessons, 6 videos of the lessons, pdf summary of each lesson, cellular embodiment skills to practice (video and audio files) - working with energy/qi, guided journeys, sound exercises, longevity qigong, using imagination and expression. Other PLAYSHEETS and materials will be added as this course evolves.  

We will also have a private facebook group, weekly emails and live Q and A sessions on zoom. 

You have unlimited access to these files after our 6 weeks are completed.  

What we will explore:

Lesson 1. Awakening to Your Cellular Intelligence

  • What does it mean to Awaken?
  • What is intelligence - cellular plus
  • Architecture of life: Receptors and the Fabric of Life
  • Molecules of information, thoughts and emotion affect your cells  
  • Imagination and healing: what is imagined is real to your cells and brain
  • Filled with amazing intelligence that knows how to take care of you - nurture it

Lesson 2. Finding Sanctuary: I AM

  • Life needs a place - molecules embrace & form the container of life
  • Properties and dynamics of the cell container (cell membrane)
  • Myths of creation
  • The sacred secrets of our biology I AM 
  • Identity: from molecules to mythic self
  • Creating sanctuary and sacred place

Lesson 3. I and Thou: Communication, Community, and Expression

  • Communication systems: cell, brain, thoughts, energy
  • Stress messages and knowing with your heart
  • Shape shifter, the cytoskeleton & letting go
  • The vibrating strings of our cells and resonance
  • Mitochondria and energy sustainability: diet, activities and people
  • Communing and alignment - Move, dance, sing your cells

Lesson 4. Sensory Wisdom: Cell Memory Networks

  • How the brain and body create memory patterns - cells network
  • How cells learn, the 5 senses as portals to state-dependent memory
  • Reconditioning our cells, our self
  • The brain can change - Neuroplasticity
  • Enhancing wellbeing and gratitude

Lesson 5. Guardians of our Genes

  • Genetic legacies: the code, errors and DNA repair
  • We can change gene expression not the code - Epigenetics, diet and environment
  • The abberant cancer cell- what we think we know
  • Metaphysics within DNA - codes of 3
  • The Spiral Journey - Soul and sole Purpose

Lesson 6. Romancing Your Cells: Wisdom Keepers, Healers Inside

  • Cell and self-renewal - what wants to change
  • Your Cellular Shaman - integrating biology with ancient wisdom to engage inner knowing
  • Trusting, exploring, growing in wisdom, connection, and contribution
  • Interconnectedness - what we do for ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth
  • The triad in creative biology, mythology and theology, glimpses into sacred geometry
  • Engaging the power of 3 to help create change and strengthen intent
  • Creating healing rituals for aging and living well

Course Contents

8 Videos
7 Texts
17 PDFs
15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum