Lessen Stress to Activate Your Healing Powers

taught by Sondra Barrett, PhD
Sondra Barrett, PhD
Sondra Barrett, PhD

About the instructor

This on-demand course will guide you to practical wisdom and applications of your cellular intelligence for improving your health, wellbeing, and thriving. It's all about lesssening your stress.

ABOUT Sondra Barrett, PhD.  She is a pioneer integrating medical science, spirituality and bodymind health. Author of 3 books including Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body's Inner Intelligence (Sounds True) and Ultimate Immunity (Rodale). Dr. Barrett brings together a practical understanding of cellular biology and sacred wisdom to guide you to your innate healing powers and inner wisdom.

Dr. Barrett, former faculty at University of California Medical School (UCSF) and California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and post-doctoral training in immunology, spent many years engaged in human cancer research at UCSF.  She interprets medical science into practical and easily accessible information and skills for all learners.  She has worked with children and adults challenging cancer as well as people with heart disease, and other chronic health conditions and knows the human side of healing from personal experience.  
As an award-winning photographer, she includes compelling visuals in all of her courses.  A lifelong student of Qigong, shamanism, expressive arts and using the senses to engage inner wisdom, she offers programs that engage different ways of learning. Her goal is to foster in you a deeper state of health through growing your own knowledge, skills, and wisdom. Her intent is to inform, inspire, and transform how you see and experience life. She has offers in-person programs throughout the US, in Europe and China.   

Dr. Barrett brings a unique perspective to our cells and mystic messages in our molecules that will illuminate and inspire you, encouraging you to fall in love, with your cells and self.  

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Who is this for? 
  • People wanting to know more about keeping themselves healthy, 
  • Those wanting practical health and healing strategies based in science or experience; 
  • People challenged by a chronic illness or stress; 
  • Health professionals, teachers, clergy and coaches; 
  • People curious about the intersection of life, cells, science and spirituality. 

To contact Sondra: sondra@sondrabarrett.com 

This 3 session course can be taken on your own time schedule and you may also connect with  Dr. Barrett by emailing any questions. comments, etc.  Private coaching sessions are also available to help you get your desired results.

This program takes you into understanding the biology and psychology of stress, simple skills for changing your stress reactivity and activate strategies for lessening pain, stress and enhancing your well-being.   For more information


Tip: Your mind doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined stress.

Empower yourself by becoming aware of how your mind and imagination are taking you into or out of a stressful moment or two, or a stressful life. Are you in the future worrying about ”what if” or in the past ”if only”? 

A health skill is to learn how to bring your awareness and mind into NOW—Be Present! Your stress response will mostly follow your thoughts.  Your cells are always in the NOW.  What takes them out of now is what you are thinking.  

Course Contents

5 Videos
1 Survey
4 Texts
8 PDFs
5 Audios
14.0 hrs