Stress Less Pilot 2: Gain More Energy & Wisdom

taught by Sondra Barrett, PhD
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Sondra Barrett, PhD
Sondra Barrett, PhD

About the instructor

Sondra Barrett, PhD is a pioneer teaching bodymind health that integrates science and spirituality with practical applications for every day life. Former University of California Medical School(UCSF) faculty, she works with individuals challenging heart disease, cancer, chronic health conditions, and the stresses of life as well as health professionals.  Her goal is to help you gain a deeper state of wellbeing.  Author of Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body's Inner Intelligence (2013 Sounds True), now in 8 languages, and Ultimate Immunity: Supercharge Your Body's Natural Healing Powers (2015 Rodale), Sondra brings together a practical understanding of cellular wisdom for making change in everyday life.  A lifelong student of Qigong, shamanism, expressive arts and using the senses to access inner wisdom and well-being, Sondra consults with organizations that focus on healing and offers private individual sessions.Her programs include compelling visuals and photomicrography, to inform, inspire, and transform how you see and experience life.  She makes science practical and useful.


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Are you tired of being tired, stressed out? Hungering for relief from unrelenting stress?

The primary consequence of chronic stress, the depletion of energy- cellular, emotional and mental.  The result: we are tired and fatigued; less able to think clearly; or relate well to other people, plus we are more at risk for illness.  And if we have an illness, our healing abilities are slowed down. Our cells need molecular energy to repair, renew and replace damaged cells and molecules.  

This pilot course Stress Less: GAIN Energy and Wisdom will provide you with proven strategies, knowledge and some coaching for you to become less stressed and more relaxed with more energy.  You will be introduced how all this works at a cellular and mind-body level. You will be given guided visualizations, experience with qigong movements and self-massage, sensory education, sound and humming. Plus you have the opportunity to contribute to making this program even better for future students.

To help support your success in this program you will have 2 short coaching sessions with Dr.  Barrett, one session before you start plus the 2nd midway through. In addition, there will be email support. 

This course will be available mid-January 2018 and can be taken anytime as it is built on the successful live pilot delivered the end of 2017.  The first coaching session will be scheduled after you register for the course.   You will receive a 2nd coaching session after you complete the 2nd class, preferably within 2 weeks of starting the course.  

This course will help you feel more optimism, energy, and pleasure and transform how you experience each day.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Have useful stress-reducing strategies, to reduce or prevent unnecessary stressful reactions
  • Be more present and relaxed
  • Have greater awareness of your body, mind, and cells
  • Experience more energy and pleasure
  • Feel healthier and wiser
  • Be able to teach others 3 health enhancing practices to maximize energy and focus
  • Appreciate how your cells and thoughts communicate plus how wise your cells are

This course is taught via video,  coaching sessions and  include:

  1. Demonstrations and explanation of each practice
  2. The science underlying the practice and the motivation for practice
  3. Discussion and questions
  4. Guided visualizations
  5. 2 short coaching sessions

Bonus materials include:  PDF, video and audio files to enhance your learning experience at home.  

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Survey
5 Texts
11 PDFs
2 Audios
5.0 hrs